Monday, January 17, 2011

Smith's Restaurant & Deli (3737 North High Street--Clintonville)

Hype: They have a big Pizza sign in the window. I went for sandwiches a long time ago and it was ok. Now to try the pizza.

Scene: Deli mostly. We saw a really funny looking square guy in OSU stuff and mom jeans. That was the best part...except the fountain pitcher of Pepsi; that was good.

Crust- Sucked. Dave questioned its sexuality. I was offended by his comments.
Sauce- I can't remember.
Cheese- ok.
Peps- Useless.

Overall: This pizza is totally lame. do not eat Smith's Pizza unless you are really hard up for pie.
2---5. It's still pizza. Its really not even worth writing about though.


Anonymous said...

Everything at Smith's is horrible. In fact, all the delis in Clintonville are horrible.

Blogger said...

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