Monday, November 15, 2010

Enrico's Pizza (5788 Frantz Road, Dublin, OH)

Hype: We needed some redemption pie. Last week we got to judge a home made pizza contest by CMH Gormand. It was fun and everyone was really cool but most of the pizzas they made sucked. We ate 12 slices and 3 or 4 were good. It hurt the next day. This time were would visit Enrico's--the famous NW Columbus pizza stronghold.

Scene: We counted at least three generations working. Two old ladies, a middle aged lady, an old dude, a bunch of middle aged dudes, and some kids. This is certainly a family joint. There was even a family or two getting some pizza while we were there. We're all about that kind of stuff.
The Pie:
Crust- FANTASTIC. Crusty-crunchy-toasty on the bottom. Filled with integrity, like the Enrico family, yet a little doughy as it approached the sauce. A little thicker than other awesome NW Columbus pizza crusts. This was superb.
Sauce- A let down. Maybe just tomato sauce from the can with no spices, seriously.
Cheese- Very plentiful and good. Traditional pizza cheese just right.
Peps- Medium/thick cut, spicy and salty. Cupped in the heat of the oven which caused mild toasting at the rims. I liked it.

Overall: This pie was very good. A slightly bigger both in width and depth than most NW Columbus pizzas but it still fits the mold quite well. I see why people from Dublin and Hilliard like it so much. 15 inch larges. 4/5 pies.


Anonymous said...

I live on Enricos - love that stuff. Wise choice.

S in Dublin said...

The crust is so good, I actually eat it FIRST. And how many pizza places do you know where you and your dining companion actually fight over who gets the edge slices? I'm a regular...every Tuesday night. I love Enrico's. Thanks for the write-up!

Anonymous said...

We moved away almost 20 years ago and still miss Enrico's. The way the pepperoni curls up into little cups is awesome! I wish I could have an Enrico's marinara pizza once a week. I would give anything to have a place like Enrico's where we live now.