Monday, September 3, 2012

Little Palace (240 S. 4th St. Columbus, OH)

Hype: It's been forever since we've done a new pie so we wanted to get something good.  I'll be honest; we drove past two that were closed, then drove from King Ave down High St. looking for pizza shops.  We decided not to do Fabian's (because it sucks) and that landed us all the way downtown.  I was pissed.  After quite a drive Dave remembered this place served pizza.  Good.  I was STARVING!

Scene: Kool looking downtown bar/restaurant, like Press Grill but not so creepy.  It was what it should be. Nice draft beer spread, TV's with sports and fairly good looking people seated throughout kinda made me want something other than pizza, but Dave helped me focus on business.  We did have to figure out what was the peperoni pizza-like item on the menu.  If you go, you'll catch on.
The Pie:
Crust- Hand tossed, chewy and airy.  Very nice with just a touch of toast where appropriate.
Sauce- Spicy with tomato seeds and all.
Cheese- Not liberally applied, but this did not detract from the experience.  It may have drowned out the sauce and not-peperoni.
Peps- They had some other name for them.  They were spicy, interesting, and well applied.  This was a hit.  One minor detail--they added a few jalapeno peppers for heat.  I was on the fence but Dave likes it Hot!
Overall: I like this joint.  I guess they serve other stuff too, but the pizza oven is the real deal.  Take a lady because it is a nice spot with quality pies.  4--5.