Sunday, February 13, 2011

Borgata Pizza Cafe (5701 Parkville Street, Columbus, OH)

Hype: Some dude told us about this place in a comment on our last pizza adventure (see NYPD, below). We needed some redemption slices because we've been on a losing streak when it comes to quality pie, so this seemed like a good idea.

Scene: We walked in and immediately knew this was going to be a hit. Everyone looked related; even the 8-year-old birthday party that was occupying every table was a cousin, brother, or nephew of the owner looking guy. Good start. They made room for us as we ordered a 20" pep at the counter. Grandma made cake, brownies, and a bunch of other sweets to help the pizza go down but they left us hanging here, oh well- it wasn't our party. Everyone working there was in the family. A good sign.

The Pie:
Crust- Very thin, but not crispy saltine style like so many other Columbus pies. At the edges it was a little thicker and slightly airy and chewy. I folded every slice. Thin crust cut in traditional huge slices, not party strips like so many other pies in this town. Absolutely excellent.
Sauce- Sweet and very flavorful. A hint of spice probably from the oil from the peps (see below). Again this was top notch.
Cheese- Very evenly applied. Not too much or too little. Real stuff done right.
Peps- Spicy, thicker cut and perfectly cupped. I don't know where they get them but they were perfect. Not overly salty and very flavorful. We always get peps for fairness so I don't know about the other toppings but I will vouch for the ronis at this joint. Try em out.

Overall: This place changed the balance of pizza power for me in Columbus. We all agreed that this might be the best in town. While there is no comparing it to Adriaticos as it is such a thin crust, it does, however, call in to question many of the other thins in town. We loved it. No similar pies that we know about in town.

Our minds were blown!

We went nuts over it! Enthusiastic 5 out of 5 pies!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Glad you took my suggestion. A jewel in this town that I hope doesn't get overwhelmed,but I want them to be successful. I agree with your five star rating and what great comment about the balance of pizza in this town.

Anonymous said...

Next recommendation-try a trip to Grove City for some decent little places. First avoid a joint called Wedgewood nice family horrible pie. I wanted to like but a product we threw out. Zamerellis GC legend- can't eat in but a different pie experience(little on greasy side but good). Next tammy's,two locations- if you grew up in Columbus this is what Donatos used to be and became famous with. Tristanos on Columbus St. Good Chicago deep dish

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this location. I tried it and it was great.

I still like Rubino's in Bexley though.

Batarang said...

I'm not a pizza connoisseur, but with such a rave review from you guys, this place is moving up my List of Engorgement. Paul F.'s picture on Yelp looked quite tasty as well.

Anonymous said...

I drove over from Grandview after I read your review. Wasn't disappointed!

Anonymous said...

I just found this review & that was my son's birthday party! Glad we didn't scare you away...Borgata Pizza rocks!

Anonymous said...

This is where we go when pizza is on our mind whether we want to eat in or take home.

Zion Pizza