Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jet's Pizza [3858 Main St, Hilliard, OH (614) 771-0500]

Hype: We had to find out just how cloudy Dave's beer goggles were. He's been known to have low standards after tossing back a few if you know what I mean!!!

Scene: We had to drive like an hour to get there. It's way the fuck out in Hilliard--a community that simply eats my asshole--how could you live there? The shop is a chain, and looks it on the inside. You can't sit down. No-necked jocks were working behind the counter. This gave me an unsettled feeling, but I was still excited about dominating that pie!!!!

Crust- Very thick, oily, a and fluffy. Very, Very good. Very crisped on the outside and steamy under the toppings. Excellence!!!
Sauce- Lame. Not tangy. I guess it was alright, but that is not how this was hyped. After whatever Dave consumed the other night his judgment was definitely impaired.
Cheese- Alright. A good amount with some flavor. Not worth blowing your load over though.
Peps- Good. Pretty flavorful. Nicely done.

Lesson learned. Pizza is contextual. When you are partying a good pizza becomes amazing. When you are not, it damn-well better be good. The pizza Dave ate in Michigan was a 5 out of 5 because at that moment it tasted that good. When we ate Jet's yesterday it was a solid 3-5.


4D said...

Pizza is like sex, even when it's bad, it's good.

relevant keeler said...

thank you for acknowledging pizza goggles as a true social bias.

Anonymous said...

Shut up and eat your f#@king pizza